Daughters In Christ, Inc.

A Christian Ministry for Women

Our Purpose

This non for profit ministry is designed to bring the Word of God to women that may not have the resources available to explore their faith.

We will minister to all ages of women in a variety of venues; from nursing homes, sororities, local shelters,  extended care-facilities,  local churches, women’s events and more! We will  show God’s abounding love through Bible studies, volunteer services, speaking engagements, worship or prayer sessions, topic-specific seminars, job preparation services and other heartfelt efforts. 

Our Impact

Between Spirit-led Biblical studies, transparent and authentic witnessing and carefully selected topical teachings, Pastor Sandra strives to empower women to strengthen their commitments to faith, family and their purpose!

Women have went away from these sessions with a renewed hope and trust in a faithful God to complete His work in their lives! They walk boldly and without the spirit of fear. 

Our Future

Our heartfelt desire is to expand our services to include more biblical studies to the needy, the elderly and even to those young women who are starting out/over in life. 

We seek to help them prepare for what lies ahead by creating a solid faith foundation that will not crumble amidst the weight of life's ever-changing demands.

From online tutorials, speaking events, philanthropic and community support to applicable workshops designed to increase life skills for today's woman!

We can only make these services possible through your faithful donations.