Daughters In Christ Ministries, Inc.

A Christian Ministry for Women

Ministry Services Offered

NEW Spotify Podcast!

'Daughters In Devotion'

Hosted by Daughters in Christ Ministries' very own Pastor Sandra Astacio, these episodes are focused to inspire, encourage and empower women of faith to live fully as a Daughter in Christ!

Last series was a 4 part part teaching on emotions that could cause not only damage in our lives, but also spiritual strongholds. We explore these and how through Biblical truth, disband each one of them for good!  Click here to LISTEN!


Women Empowered - Community Volunteer Program

'A Spirit-driven, women-built, and Christ-centered volunteer group designed to reach other women in the community through faithful service!'

Our mission through this initiative is to pull women from all age groups, all ethnicity classes, varying social and economic backgrounds to interact as ONE under our united Christian beliefs while we fully operate in our life purpose to SERVE!  We will actively and consistently assist our faith-based, non-profit community partners with their efforts in serving the women of our area by offering our 'hands and feet' - (1 Corinthians 12:27: “All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.”)
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Administrative Services

Various Business Administrative Services Available

From a wide variety of short-term administrative services offered, Daughters in Christ Ministries, Inc. can assist a women-owned small business in most bookkeeping, backlogged filing, compilation of Standard Operation Procedures, job description writing and more! 

Just ask us! 

Follow the link below and place your needs in writing for a FREE consultation. If it is within our scope to assist, we will work with you on customizing our efforts.

Prayer & Spiritual Support

Prayer, Biblical Advice and Resource Gathering

In those most challenging times or even in times of great joy and positive change, we offer prayer and spiritual support for women of all ages. 

Gleaning only from the Word of God, we help guide you to finding God's will for your situation and together, discover community resources which may assist you.

Our growing network of churches, ministries and other entities within the community will be available to you. 

Find out here how to request a prayer/service.

Nursing Home Bible Studies

Sharing the Gospel Message to the Aged

Often times, many short and long term nursing home and rehabilitative residents have little to no family or personal support. They often desire prayer, bible study and fellowship. 

We believe that extending our ministry to Women of Age will allow them to establish hope, remembrance of blessings and share their testimonies of faith in a comfortable environment.

More to come on this facet of the ministry!  Stay tuned!

Women Bible Study Groups

Empowerment Sessions and Biblical Lessons in His Word

Making the Gospel come alive for women of all ages is truest to our Ministry's heart! Hosted Bible studies, complete with worship and prayer will be brought to local venues and open to the public.  Our community supporters will be at the very heart of this initiative, by staging meeting places for us.

Our resources will be at little to no cost to the participants and prayerful donations will make these events even more possible as our groups expand.

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Speaking Events 

Sharing the Gospel Through Relevant Topics for Women

As women, there are specific social and personal topics of interest that we all share. Bible-based messages for today's woman will be made available on a regular basis. 

Look for upcoming Events and spread the word as we lift up, encourage, inspire and transform among the Spirit of Truth together! Iron sharpens iron, Ladies and as Daughters in Christ, we are designed to be boldly strengthened through one another. 

Click here to RSVP for the next Event!  Or connect with Pastor Sandra directly here to book her for your next women's event!

Worship and Prayer Sessions

Exciting and Bold Worship and Prayer to Move the Hand of God!

We will host prayer and worship sessions to unite women for a time of Holy Spirit- driven fellowship! The hand of God moves among the praises of His people and delights to hear us lift His name on high through song.  We get the opportunity to share the Gospel in an unconventional way to the people in our community. Parks, craft fairs, street markets and other public events will be our backdrop for these events.

Events will be hosted by the ministry and support local women artists to showcase their talents. Refreshments, music and joy are sure to be on the agenda! 

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Career Preparation 

From Resume to Career Skill Building

Women who are seeking either skill enhancement opportunities, job replacement or career change advise can enjoy topic-specific speaking seminars that will focus on resume building, effective employment seeking techniques and so much more! We can customize resumes and advise on interviewing skills for the big job you are seeking! 

As Daughters in Christ, we will promote His vision of every woman embracing their skills, spiritual gifts and natural talents.  His design is to prosper us and build a future. This acts and together, we will help enhance your marketability. Look for our Determined Daughters Career Workshops!

Connect here to find out about our NEXT workshop! 

Local Women's Shelters

Helping Women Restore Their Lives

Local to our city, many women find safe refuge in the heat of crisis within a shelter or seek out survivor groups for hope in rebuilding. 

Daughters In Christ offers all services, including topical speaking engagements, resume building, interview skills and so much more! 

We want to help women from all walks of life and faith find their way back to the road God has laid before them. Often, one prayer at a time!

More to come with this facet of our ministry! Stay Tuned!