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Daughters In Christ Ministries, Inc.

A Christian Ministry for Women

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Do you have a testimony about your experience with DIC, Inc? Have you been to a bible study, a bible lesson or speaking event where God has just spoken to you as a result? Have you taken advantage of our Career Preparation Services and landed that new promotion because of something you learned? Do you have more confidence as a result of a powerful mock interview?

Feel free to tell me about it and know that I am praying for each of you a special blessing for supporting the ministry in this way! Thank you so much! Love, Pastor Sandra

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God bless you for sharing your story with us! We are excited to see His workings in your life and encourage you to keep seeking Him! ~ Sandra

Testimonials of Bible Study Participation

Testimonials of Career Preparation Services

"Dear Sandra, Here is my wonderful testimony about my new job! On December 23rd 2016, I quit my job and I had been looking for a new job prior to me quitting that job and the resume' you helped me create got a lot of attention when I posted my resume on indeed and career builder, two jobs ended up calling me for an interview. The first job which I was happily interested in was at a home care company. I went to their office and filled out my application and began the hiring process, I completed everything except my medical physical they needed. It was a process because on the day of my appointment the doctor I had scheduled to see was called to an emergency so I could not complete the hiring process. While I had to wait another 2 weeks to see my doctor I received a call from another place and they wanted to interview me because of my resume, so I went to the facility and had the interview and was offered the job! I started the job on January 16, 2017 and I now have been there close to a month and loving my job. To God be the glory- In Jesus name- Amen!" - Tonya D., Tampa

"I'm so blessed to know Sandra through not only her ministry, but in our careers. Her ministry, Daughters In Christ, has blessed me tremendously through example of Christian love, but also through learning and development in my career. I can't tell you how honored I am to received seeds of wisdom from Pastor Sandra!!! Stay lifted and encouraged!!" - Lynette B. , Riverview

"I came to Sandra at a low point in my career. I had just been passed over for another position in my company for someone who had more qualifications than I did. I had a decent resume, but it didn't reflect everything that I was capable of. Sandra not only helped shape my resume into a beautiful reflection of my skills/qualifications/abilities, but she assisted along each step that I took while seeking advancement. She gave me excellent advice not only on what I should expect when looking for a new career, but also on the steps I should take after the interview in following up with the company. I'm pleased to say with Sandra's expert advice, I was able to land the position I desired! Thanks so much for all you do! " - P Smith, Lakeland

"As a lifelong learner and doctoral student, I felt the need to spruce up my brand. Pastor-Sandra Astacio understood what I needed and offered valuable feedback on my current resume and cover letter. Hiring her services, she enhanced my cover letter and created a functional resume/summary/reference sheet that is both professional and LEVELED UP! I highly recommend her services to polish your brand, heighten your visibility and/or assist with your interview preparation and next level." - Lynette B., Riverview

"Thank you Sandra for all your help on my resume. It came out amazing." - Maria Bentancourt Lopez, Lakeland

"I was referred to Sandra during an emotionally tumultuous time in my life. Dealing with so much hurt and anger, it was hard to believe that someone could care so much about a stranger. Sandra went out of her way to help me asking nothing in return. For me that was rather unusual as I was always the one being called upon to help someone. Her words of encouragement and resume assistance gave me a boost in confidence that I so desperately needed. Even after being out of corporate America for so long, I feel prepared for whatever is ahead. Thanks you Sandra! " - Marena M.. Tampa

"Her Services are amazing! She is helpful and patient. She is extremely attentive and really hears your heart on what you are looking for in life. My resume before was good but now it's great! I've learned so much and am looking forward to getting the chance to use it." - Brittany B.

Maria's Resume

Testimonials of Women Blessed By DICM, Inc.

Sandra, what a joy it is to read your words, and God's word, as we lean into his mightiness during times of need. He has great things in mind for us...if only we would allow his power to work in us, and not allow the enemy to undermine our sense of worth in who we are in Christ. I find now, even after Emmaus, that the enemy is stronger than before, sneaking in doubt at every opportunity, insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. But your words are strong, grounded in Truth. God's words provide the confidence we desire...he is faithful and his provision for us is great. Whatever you are facing, God is with you. You have turned to Him and placed your trust in Him...he will sustain you..

Love you, Chris

Thank you Sandra! This a phenomenal perspective—God’s perspective. It is always the very best!

- Arlinda

Dear Sister in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you so much for the study of being a Proverbs 31 Woman, I was at the foot of the Altar crying out to GOD and the Holy Spirit directed me to come and look on the computer, as I viewed I noticed in my spam and BOOM! there was your ever anointed e-mail to me!

How perfect is that? I pray this testimony will Bless you and say thank you for your obedience and Heart! I was truly touched by the Lord just when I needed ever so much to read Proverbs 31.

- Elaine E.

I can't tell you how much this message has helped me. I just moved here from Michigan where my husband was a judge. He died in February of cancer. It is interesting how once you lose your position in life how all your 'friends' disappear.

Since being here I've been violently ill for two weeks on top of grieving and being in a new city with no support or friends. It's been extremely difficult and at one point I was having a difficult time finding a reason to go on.

Your message has helped me and I am now feeling better. 

- Gwen

I know exactly what you mean about friends, too. The way that I dealt with it was to understand that although it was uncomfortable and lonely separating from 'friends', that God was a loving God and He was sovereign over the circumstances in my life. It took some time for that reality to set in and when it did, I ended up appreciating the fact that He purged from my life all those people, places, habits, thoughts and things that no longer served my best interest. Over time, He replaced each of those people and things with people that love me unconditionally and things/ideas that bring Him glory! This is a worth the time and effort, Sister. But, it takes trust and surrender. Abide in His grace and seek community!

- My Response to Gwen

I read your prayer to was beautiful I am one with the Lord and I carry the cross each day with a prayer for peace!


It is so amazing to know matter all the worldly lies we are all BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT in his eyes!! I always struggle with what people think about how I look but with his grace and love it helps confirm it doesn't matter. Thanks you so much Sandra for that great reminder how wonderful it is to be a Proverb's Women.

In His Name, Chris

Sandra I love your Blog so much it is very Beautiful I am going through a stressful time with my daughter and I felt so good reading these words, I can tell you speak from your heart where God Lives!! You are such a wonderful and Inspiring person. I appreciate the fact that God led me to cross paths with you. Thank you for sharing this your Blog with me I look forward to sharing it with others. God Bless you and keep you Sandra... 

 - D.Thomas

Wow!!! Praise the Lord! What an inspiration...God blows my mind at just how close He gets to us and our circumstances! #RELATIONSHIP NOT RELIGION!

- Nikki H.

I dropped my phone in the floor. When I picked it up daughters of Christ was open I have only heard in bible terms..had no idea actually is a web site..I'm reading and its God talking to me ..all the little things I go to him about . .in satisfied thinking he's too busy for me .I let it go .. .and here look...a web site ...Daughters in Christ.... I'm pleased ....God is always looking for away to keep in touch...thank you for your postings... May the Good Lord continue to bless us all.

- Hillarie

Thank you for this. I am one of the widows to read this, and think it is great.

- Bertha

It’s important that I share with you how much I needed this email! I’ve never met you and somehow God has relayed his message to me through you! I find that so amazing! I’m currently going through a time in my life where I question myself and my value. But this confirms that God loves me and see’s my value and wants me to know that he see’s me. Again Thank you! I hope you have a blessed and wonderful rest of the week!

- A. Walker

Thank you so much Sandra! You've given me a fresh outlook!

- Mary P.

Pastor Sandra Astacio speaks encouraging words of faith that have always spoken directly to my heart. She is a vessel who God uses to help women know God better. One of the most genuine and anointed persons I know! Her strong leadership abilities in conjunction with her immense love for Jesus Christ is the perfect combination to restore and refresh the soul. I urge you to join her in her ministries.