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The Jots & Tittle of Scribes and Storytellers - Volume II


Volume II of this amazing compilation of Christian Fiction stories by 7 Authors will be available through online retailers! Our Virtual Release party was on Wednesday, November 4th @1pm. DHBonner Virtual Solutions was the host.

Click the IMAGE to the left for the recorded session!

Sandra's story is entitled: 'Staying Under the Influence - A Story of Escape, Surrender and Capture' and is a story about a young woman named Amelia. She was born into an environment of dysfunction and leads a life of constant yearning for escape, until one day in an act of passion, she gets what she has yearned for. Then, God steps in and radically avails to her much more than she ever hoped for.....a way to surrender and allow herself to be captured by Him!

Signed copies are available through the Author!  Contact Pastor Sandra via our website to order your personalized copy today!

Note: Pastor Sandra is donating all proceeds to DICM, Inc.