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Welcome to Daughters In Christ Ministries!

I am SO GRATEFUL that you have stopped by to visit! You will find a host of information regarding the ministry, YouTube Video links for our recorded Daughters Ignited- Fanning the Flames of Faith sessions (learn more here), hosted speaking engagements, book launches (Yes, there is a SECOND ONE in the making) bible studies and our brand new Podcast: 'Daughters in Devotion'- hosted on Anchor.FM and Spotify!   

In the fall of 2020, DICM, Inc launched their very first 'W.E. SERVE!' (Women Empowered) Volunteer Training in local Lakeland. This is a Spirit-driven, women-built, and Christ-centered volunteer group designed to reach other women in the community through faithful service! It drew so much interest, that DICM, Inc has decided to have a VIRTUAL training made available to any participant wishing to get connected to this exciting initiative! 

Our mission through this initiative is to pull women from all age groups, all ethnicity classes, varying social and economic backgrounds to interact as ONE under our united Christian beliefs while we fully operate in our life purpose to SERVE! We will actively and consistently assist our faith-based, non-profit community partners with their efforts in serving the women of our area by offering our 'hands and feet' in service!  (1 Corinthians 12:27)  

Send us a note HERE to get a private link for a Virtual Training Video that is required to watch prior to serving! 

- God bless you!  Pastor Sandra

Whether you have always wanted to host a bible study at your church, but don't have the resources or want to plan for a powerful evening of worship and prayer, Daughters In Christ can provide those services for you! It is the very heart of this ministry to bring resources to you directly so you can explore your faith! Visit Connect and Give  to request a booking soon at either your home church or other venue of your choice.