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Daug​hters in Christ Ministri​es, Inc.


The Lord is doing SOMETHING NEW, Sister.  Take a 'scroll' on our "We're Gathering" Page for some SERVING opportunities that you definitely want to get involved with!  We keep adding to our 2024 Calendar and are already planning for another stellar year- ALL for Kingdom Cause!  We would LOVE to have you enroll in our vision by sowing a faith seed HERE. Blessings as we are COVERED by the Blood of the Lamb!!


Looking forward to getting to know you,

Pastor Sandra & The W. E. SERVE! Team

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Did you know that Daughters in Christ Ministries has their own YouTube channel and has recent interviews with some incredible, FAITHFUL women that will surely INSPIRE you? 

Click below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss the next interview! 

These women are Fanning the Flames of Faith!

2 Tim 1:6-"For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God..."

In the remaining time of this year and as we move forward strategically into next with several large-scale initiatives, we are looking to extend our reach and IMPACT to our community beyond what HAS happened so far...

👉Women are joining our W.E. SERVE! Team to come alongside faithful partners in our local city.
👉They are being inspired to deepen their relationship with Jesus and as a result, live more intentionally.
👉They are enlisting our help to develop POWERFUL resumes that, in turn, increase their earning potential.
👉They are walking out of our empowerment sessions ON FIRE for God and walking into their purposes.
👉They are listening to our podcasts, watching our YouTube interviews and seeking counsel, mentorship and more!
👉They are praying MORE, reading their bibles and TRUSTING God more!
All. For. His. Glory.
Will you help us make an even bigger difference by sowing a seed into our mission? YOUR heartfelt support is appreciated!  Click HERE to GIVE!

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Our Customized Resumes deliver! Get yours TODAY!

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Join our Team as we show the Hands & Feet of Jesus in our very own community. Click below for more information and Volunteer Application!

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